A Glossary of Gomez BBQ

Aftermarket Body Kit: Extra box/food container.

B.B. No B.S.: Baked Beans, hold the BBQ sauce.

CCS Bun: A bun from Circle City Sweets, a bakery located within Indianapolis City Market.

Close your eyes and split the baby: Cut a sandwich in half. Used mostly when the sandwich is large or difficult to cut.

Drinking Glass: Extra cup of BBQ sauce.

Eleven-y: Served on a waffle.

Full-frontal: Sandwich served without top portion of bun.

Great Lakes Region: Area(s) of a food container where BBQ Sauce and other delicious liquids gather.

Havana Garden Party: BB-Cuban with coleslaw on the sandwich.

Keep it clean: Hold the pork rind dust.

Get the neighbors involved: Mix a side (chips, potato salad, baked beans) into the sandwich.

P.P. No P.: Pulled Pork Sandwich, hold the pickles.

Ranch House with Above-Ground Pool: Brisket sandwich with cup of soup.

Send it out the door with no pants on: No bun.

Sideways Crazy: BB-Cuban with no Swiss, no pulled pork, no ham, no mustard, no BBQ sauce, bun cut in half lengthwise and both halves placed on the sandwich press, cut side down.

Take it for a swim: Add extra BBQ sauce.

Take it to the kiddie pool: Add extra yellow mustard.

X-Files: A collection of [redacted] that taste so [redacted] that [redacted] life on earth as we know it.


Matt Bastnagel has served barbecue alongside Michael Gomez at many events, and he writes the blog on this website as a way to spread the spirit of Gomez BBQ and bring more people to our meats.