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A New Home, Who'll Follow?*

Mostly, people ask about the food we serve at festivals and events, but there are two other types of conversations that also tend to take place.

I’ve mentioned the first type in an earlier blog post, but I love it enough to provide a repeat example:

Customer: You know, [I’m from INSERT STATE HERE] OR [I’ve spent a lot of time with my smoker at home], so I know good barbecue.

Then, the customer takes a bite out of the sandwich. This has happened enough that I no longer feel anxious or nosy studying the customer’s reaction. I’m not rolling my eyes when customers start this conversation, and I respect their experience making or eating barbecue. I’m looking for the head nod. It’s an eyes-closed head nod with the lips slightly pursed, and it means “Approved.” I live for the head nod.

The other type of conversation is far less exciting:

Customer: So where are you located?

There’s no head nod at the end of this one, which is kind of a bummer already. So, I launch into a small conciliatory speech that sounds like I am trying to point out a dark cloud’s silver lining, like I’m trying to pitch a product that they’re not interested in buying.

Me: [Well, we don’t actually have a brick-and-mortar location right now, but you can look us up online, where we have our schedule posted and regularly updated!] OR [We’re a mobile operation, which gives us a unique ability to address our customers’ needs across a wide area. A stationary location would prevent us from serving the shifting and dynamic customer base of a changing Indianapolis.] OR [Located… Huh… Well, we’re located here right now, right? “Located” is kind of a slippery word. I mean, where are you located? Where is anyone located? Please enjoy your meal.]

The customer doesn’t like any of these answers, and I also hate all of these answers. The only reason I’m writing about them is because they’ll be dead soon. We’re going to have a location. We’re locating ourselves right now. Soon, we’ll be completely located, and we’re very, very excited. It’s almost as good as a head nod.

*Blog post title taken from Caroline Kirkland’s 1835 early realist novel based on the settlement of Pinckney, Michigan

Matt Bastnagel has served barbecue alongside Michael Gomez at many events, and he writes the blog on this website as a way to spread the spirit of Gomez BBQ and bring more people to our meats.