Indianapolis Barbecue

Introducing Indianapolis Barbecue

A lot about barbecue depends on where you're coming from. Ingredients and preparation methods are understandably important, but geography looms large over the entire process. Sauces, rubs, smoking methods, and cuts of meat mean completely different things if you were making by-the-book Carolina or authentically Texan barbecue. Drill down even further, and you’ll find different barbecue served within Eastern and Western Texas, an equally strong contrast between different regions of the Carolinas, and stalwart connoisseurs who are insistent that their own local barbecue is the true, honest ideal.

Here’s the truth: They’re all great. The barbecue in Charlotte is just as honest and perfect as the meat they serve in Dallas. They all taste delicious.

Indianapolis may not receive as much attention from barbecue lovers, but we have many inspired, hardworking people tending Hoosier smokers and a city full of hungry patrons ready to eat Indianapolis barbecue. Our city does not have the long-furrowed tastes of Eastern North Carolina, Western North Carolina, Alabama, Central Texas, West Texas, South Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, or Western Kentucky, but we do not need to be held back by well-worn traditions. This city is at the crossroads of America, and while Indianapolis is an amalgam of barbecue tradition, Gomez Barbecue is driven to serve you a unique style of barbecue that satisfies the tastes of this exceptional city.

Along with some accounts of the wonderful people who have given us an opportunity to refine our vision of Indianapolis Barbecue, this blog will include descriptions of the more established regional styles—the members of that barbecue pantheon among which Indianapolis will soon find a place. Those people who have refined our vision? Those people are our customers. I'm excited for the opportunity to make charts and graphs that illustrate our most popular menu items, and I am VERY excited for the opportunity to describe this forthcoming blog post as "data-driven." I will also use the word "analytics" in that blog post. If anyone would like to apply machine learning techniques and blockchain technology to the study of Indianapolis barbecue, please share your ideas in the comments below.

Matt Bastnagel has served barbecue alongside Michael Gomez at many events, and he writes the blog on this website as a way to spread the spirit of Gomez BBQ and bring more people to our meats.