Gomez BBQ is your source for premium barbecue in Indianapolis. We have served our smoked meat and barbecue at events and festivals all around Indianapolis, and we are proud to be nominated for Best Food Truck in Indianapolis in the 2016 NUVO Best of Indy Awards. Check out our schedule below or contact us at GomezBBQindy@gmail.com to discover the next big thing in barbecue in Indianapolis.

         Menu in Brief


Pulled Pork Sandwich

Chi-Town Sausage

Pork Walking Taco

The Dusty Pig

Scotch Egg



Smoked Chicken Plate

Smoked Wings


Smoked Meatloaf


Smoke-Roasted Beef Sandwich


Cold Cuts

Smoked Pastrami

Canadian Bacon

Smoked Roast Beef

Upcoming Events

August 5th

Scarlet Lane Brewery Australian Laughing Water Lime Release
7724 Depot St, McCordsville, IN 46055

August 11th-14th

Broad Ripple Bicentennial Celebration
1500 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220

August 28th

Military Park, 601 W. New York St., Indianapolis









Gomez BBQ serves everyone. 

We support the Open For Service community — a non-partisan, non-judgmental group looking to provide a grassroots network for people to support companies, organizations and business owners who open the doors for everyone. Our mission is to bring great BBQ to the city of Indianapolis. We’re committed to excellence, and we are dedicated to uncompromising quality in our food, service, and staff.  We will continuously work to better our own accomplishments and always be passionate about what we do.